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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy empowers children who are facing communication challenges through engaging, effective yet playful strategies designed to maximize every child’s communication abilities.
To successfully participate in family, social and academic activities, a child must first develop a foundation to communicate effectively and perform basic social skills.

Many factors can interfere with a child’s ability to speak, including physiological difficulties, hearing problems, cognitive and neurological challenges, and genetic disorders. Speech-language difficulties can show up in many forms such as not speaking at all, stuttering and difficulty with pronunciation or voice. Language-related difficulties can include concerns about vocabulary, grammar, comprehension discourse and social-emotional expression.

Our wrap-around families philosophy engages not only your child, but the whole family unit, thereby reducing the frustration that can arise in the home or at school due to your child’s difficulty understanding language and speaking.

With early intervention, speech therapy can improve your child’s communication with the world around them and boost their self-confidence.

Helping you and your child starts with a complementary consultation with our early childhood development specialist in order to determine whether your child can benefit from speech and any other therapy. A more comprehensive evaluation may be recommended.

Receipts are provided for all paid services.

It is the responsibility of the client to verify with their insurance plan if a particular service is covered, the specific amount of coverage, and which professionals are covered under each plan.