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Anxiety / Emotional Regulation Intervention Groups

Anxiety / Emotional Regulation Intervention Groups

Anxiety/Self-Regulation Intervention Group 
For children 7-11 years old 

For children who are challenged by the strength of their emotions and would benefit from strategies that enhance their interpersonal skills, friendships and focus, both at school and at home,  clinique entourfamille™ offers an anxiety/self-regulation intervention group program.

Participants will learn to better recognize and regulate their own behaviours and gain:

  • an increased vocabulary of emotional terms
  • skills in reading other people’s facial expressions
  • perspective about how others see and react to their behavior
  • insight into events that trigger their behavior
  • calming and alerting strategies, and
  • problem solving skills.

This eight-week workshop is an onsite, interactive and engaging social skills and emotion regulation program for children in Grades 2 through 5 (ages 7-11).

Based on the renowned Zones of Regulation ® program and drawing upon components of the Social Thinking ® curriculum, children learn self-regulation through behavioural skills training techniques such as modeling, role playing, and feedback.

Helping you and your child starts with a complementary consultation with our early childhood development specialist in order to determine whether your child can benefit from this program and any other therapy. A more comprehensive evaluation may be recommended.

Receipts are provided for all paid services.

It is the responsibility of the client to verify with their insurance plan if a particular service is covered, the specific amount of coverage, and which professionals are covered under each plan.