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Family/Child Therapy

Family/Child Therapy

Family therapy or family counselling is a form of intervention designed to address specific issues affecting the well-being of a family. It is designed to help a family through a difficult period, a major life transition, or mental and behavioural health difficulties. Often the focus is on improving communication and resolving conflicts. Family therapy is typically provided by a licensed psychologist, couples and family therapist, clinical social worker or psychotherapist. 

Family therapy often employs techniques and strategies from various disciplines in psychology, including cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour therapy, interpersonal therapy, systemic therapy and psychodynamic therapy. 

Family therapy may last only a few sessions or may take more time for some families, can benefit family members of any age, and is sensitive to a variety of family structures (nuclear, blended and extended families). 

The goals of family therapy are to:

  • Help everyone in the family understand and support each other
  • Understand and handle special family situations (for example death, illness, child or adolescent issues)
  • Create a better functioning home environment

Families should consider family therapy when experiencing:

  • Family stresses brought on by illness, bereavement, unemployment
  • Depression and anxiety
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Infertility
  • Marital conflicts
  • Divorce or separation
  • Child and Adolescent behavioural problems

clinique entourfamille™ offers a unique and effective combination of creative arts therapies (e.g., incorporating art and/or drama into the sessions) when working with younger children.

Helping you and your child starts with our complimentary consultation with our early childhood development specialist in order to determine whether your child can benefit from family or any other therapy. A more comprehensive evaluation may be recommended.

Clinique entourfamille is now accredited to offer the SPACE treatment for parents of children experiencing anxiety. This treatment program, developed at the Yale Child Study Centre under the auspices of Dr. Eli Lebowitz, has been proven to be highly effective for anxious children and adolescents.

Receipts are provided for all paid services.

It is the responsibility of the client to verify with their insurance plan if a particular service is covered, the specific amount of coverage, and which professionals are covered under each plan.