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SPACE Treatment for children with anxiety

SPACE Treatment for
children with anxiety

My child is struggling with anxiety.  What can I do to help?

It is important to understand that you are not the cause of your child’s anxiety…but you can be the solution!

Parents will learn how to alleviate their child’s anxiety by offering supportive responses that demonstrate both acceptance of their children’s difficulties and confidence in their ability to cope.

Practice how to talk to an anxious child/adolescent, learn to avoid common traps and pitfalls (such as being overly protective or demanding), identify the ways that you may actually be enabling anxious behaviours and get the key to unhook yourself and your children from excessive anxiety.

Clinique entourfamille is an accredited site that offers this new and proven treatment. Appointments are available with our trained professionals to help you cope with challenges such as school refusal, getting children to sleep in their own beds and separation anxieties.

Become part of the solution and help your child acquire self-confidence and strategies that will stand them in good stead as they grow.

Receipts are provided for all paid services.

It is the responsibility of the client to verify with their insurance plan if a particular service is covered, the specific amount of coverage, and which professionals are covered under each plan.